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In mid December 2019, I started the Image of the Week challenge, which is stretching my creativity by forcing me to take and share an image every week. On this page you can find the full list of images in chronological order. If you’d like a full resolution version of any of the images, you can get in touch via my contact form. Unless otherwise stated, this pictures were all taken on my Sony α6300.

Week 4, w/c 6/1/20

All Saints’ Church, North Cerney in the January sunshine

Week 3, w/c 30/12/19

St Margaret’s Church, Barming at sunset on a cold December evening

Week 2, w/c 16/12/19

A blue and red neon sign that reads "Once upon a time in Birmingham"
I found this fun neon sign during an evening walk through Birmingham, UK in the run up to Christmas.

Week 1, w/c 9/12/19

Rain drops on my window
Rain drops on my window on a wet afternoon in Cranfield.

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